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MoonSwatch Market Increase
2023 September 24 14:20:21

When it launched in 2022, there was just one problem for the MoonSwatch—well, aside from the near-riots at Swatch shops around the world, the supply shortages that saw $260 MoonSwatches being flipped for prices into the thousands, mixed messaging around online availability, and a faking industry that swung into action at lightning pace.

For Swatch and its bioplastic take on Omega’s famed Speedmaster Moonwatch, all that was grist to a hype phenomenon that has delivered admirably for Swatch Group, owner of both brands. Millions have been sold, and the company said that the MoonSwatch has had a significant impact on an operating profit that rose 36.4 percent for the first half of this year, with the strongest growth in its lowest priced segment.

MoonSwatch Neptune

The problem, though, was with the MoonSwatch that was liable to leave an inky blue stain on your wrist. MoonSwatches are made from bioceramic, a proprietary mixture of castor-derived bioplastic and ceramic powder, produced at Swatch’s own facilities in Switzerland. There are 11 versions in bright colorways inspired by the solar system, but on launch one of these, the all-blue Mission to Neptune, was found to leave blue traces on its owners’ wrists for a short period.