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Solid Straps in 2023
2023 September 24 14:18:38

We all know – and love – a chunky integrated bracelet on a Rolex watch, but there are plenty of other options to take your fancy
16 pieces that prove a solid bracelet watch doesn't have to cost the world

Over the past 20 years or so, there has been a charming upheaval in the bracelet watch-wearing etiquette for the man and woman about town. Women, like Roger Federer’s better half, are down with wearing a chunky bracelet watch (like a Rolex Daytona) not just dainty leather-strapped numbers, while male pap-magnets like Michael B Jordan are just as likely to rock a small-cased Piaget or Cartier as they are more sizeable dials.


The biggest upending of the established dress codes see formal leather-strapped watches teamed with casual lux, while beefy sports watches on metal bracelets slip out from tuxedo cuffs. And we’re all for it. In fact, a good watch on a steel (or gold, yes please!) bracelet straddles the boundary between tool-tough and casual cool. One good watch on a soft-brushed bracelet makes a most versatile piece of wristwear. Choose well and it’ll look great suited up while being impervious to heat wave-clamminess as well as the occasional cliff-diving adventure.


Tissot PRX 35mm Powermatic 80

16 pieces that prove a solid bracelet watch doesn't have to cost the world

With the unstoppable rise of the PRX, Tissot keeps doling out more goodness. After the success of its smaller-sized 35mm version, they’ve struck gold. And we’re taking them literally, by embracing the charms of the PVD-gold version.