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Luxury watch - breaking news
2023-09-24 14:22:26
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Luxury watch - breaking news
2023 September 24 14:22:26


 “Luxury watch shortage drives growth of $20 billion as secondary market start-ups rush to cash in.”

Robert Frank CNBC Statement
 A rush of companies are vying to become the eBay of high-end horology — including the storied online marketplace itself. Demand for high-end watches exploded during the Covid-19 pandemic. But the Big Four watch brands — Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Richard Mille — are holding firm on the limited production runs that make their timepieces so rare. The result is an online boom in the business of buying, selling and flipping pre-owned and vintage watches and a growing number of start-ups competing to become the dominant digital marketplace. McKinsey estimates that pre-owned watch sales hit $18 billion in 2019, and could top $30 billion by 2025. Pre-owned watch sales will be about half the size of the market for new, retail watches by 2025, up from about a third today, according to the consulting firm.